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Are YOU our new member ?

In order to qualify as a member of the WW2YANKS, we provide some simple requirements, a few of them listed below.:

1. Membership is open to individuals or families who can exhibit himself as an "typical" American for example: Civillian, WAC, Army, Navy or Airforce from the period 1940-1945.

2. There are no requirements for minimum age or physical appearance, members under 18 years of age are only admitted if, a parent or guardian already is a member of our association.

3. The friendship and social life in our group is of great importance for all of us, all new members must implement a trail membership of maximum one year to join the WW2YANKS.

4. At public events and shows, its not allowed to wear earrings and piercings etc., any tattoos must not be visible and must be covered by your uniform.


How much time do i have to spend ?

Our events are typically on weekends and our "season" is concentrated in the months of May to August, in addition to the "official" events we typically have two meetings - one in early spring to plan the events of the "season" to come, and we finish our "season" with the annual general meeting in November.

It´s up to you to decide, at how many events you would like to attend during the "season", we expect that you at least take part in a few during the "season".

How much does it cost me ?

As a member of WW2YANKS you pay an annual quota of kr. 200,00, this amount goes to the operation and maintenance of our Webpage. Some of our members are lucky owners of American vehicles from WW2, and as such a vehicle does not run very far on a liter fuel, we collectively contribute with a modest amount of money to buy fuel to member vehicles participating at an event.

If you not already posses a uniform or equipment (webbing etc), it´s obviously something you need to spend some money on. How much money varies, depending on what and what unit/division you want to protray. We are of course available with help and guidance about buying uniforms, gear and equipment.

Has this aroused your interest and if you want to learn more about our association and its members, please send us an e-mail, or drop by at one of the events we participate in.


E-mail for membership request or questions about a membership:


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